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International Conference on Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships 2019 with MTEC 2019


22. Sep 2020 – 22. Sep 2020




This is the second in a series of yearly conferences on autonomous ship technology and applications. Trondheim, Norway, November 13-14 2019. Proceedings are available at IOP Journal of Physics.

This is the second in a series of yearly conferences on autonomous ship technology and applications. Trondheim, Norway, November 13-14 2019. Proceedings are available at IOP Journal of Physics.


Keynote presentations day 1

Patrick Potgraven Strategy of the Ministry of Transport, Infrastucture and Watermanagement for Public-Private organization of Smart Shipping in the Netherlands

Tom Eystø Commercial and operational aspects of autonomous ships

James Fanshawe Developments in Europe – UK Code of Practice – Short Sea and Inland Waterway Operations

Scientific and technical presentations

Rolph Hijdra, Stefan van der Harst Design of an Autonomous Underwater Maintenance Dredger

Tom Arne Pedersen, Jon Arne Glomsrud Towards Simulation based Verification of Autonomous Navigation Systems

Li Hongying, H.Osman, C.W.Kang, J. Lou, T.Ba Biodosimetric Studies for Ballast Water Treatment

Guy A. Meadows, Robert Shuchman, Joseph Burns Seaworthiness Through Intelligent Trajectory Control

Kun Yang, Ning Zhou, Terje Røste, Heiki Neskvern, John Eriksen LTE massive MIMO (Pre-5G) test for land-to-boat scenarios in Oslo fjord

Ho Nam Gung, Jung Sik Jeong, Joo-sung Kim, Kwang-II Kim Inference System of Collision Risk Index based on Ship Near-Collision Data via Multilayer Perceptron

Megumi Shiokari, Susumu Ota Considerations on the regulatory issues for realization of Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships

Haobin Li, Xiaoming Yang, Zhuo Sun Development of Smart Digital Twin for Maritime Industry via O2DES Framework

Lucas J.Yiew, Yuting Jin, Allan R.Magee On estimating the hydrodynamic coefficients and environmental loads for a free-running vessel in waves

Eiko Saito, Masayoshi Numano, Keiko Miyacaki Maneuvring Motion Simulation to Support Berthing Operation of Small Crafts – Proposal of a Berthing Operation Support System

Jukka Merenluoto Vision and roadmap for autonomous maritime transport system

Edwin Verberght, Edwin van Hassel The automated inland vessel

Tina Scheidweiler, Hans-Christoph Burmeister, Sören Hübner, Carlos Jahn “Dynamic “”Standing orders”” for Autonomous Navigation System by means of Machine Learning”

R.Glenn Wright Enhanced MASS Situational Awareness using Virtual Navigation Aids

Chris Balls MASS-Potential Applications in Superyachts

S.O.Johnsen, G.Jenssen, T.Moen, Å.Hoem Experiences of main risks and mitigation in autonomous transport systems

Bjørn Åge Hjøllo Maritime digitalization, opportunities for the maritime e-Nav industry when moving to Intelligent Navigation

Ming Liu,Chen Li,Eng Kiong Koh,Zhiqian Ang,Jasmine Siu Lee Lam Is Methanol a Future Marine Fuel For Shipping

Zhaomeng Zhu and NGP Project Team Ensuring High-Throughput Container Operations in Fully Automated Storage Yard of a Next-Generation Transshipment Port.

Roar Adland, Pierre Cariou, Francois-Charles Wolff Optimal vessel speed and weather effects

Ywen Gu, Stein W.Wallace, Mario Guajardo, Julio Cesar Goez Autonomous VESSEL: state of the art and potential opportunities in logistics

Chenhao Zhou, Loo Hay Lee, Haobin Li Applications of Simulation-based Analysis by Digital Twins for Next Generation Ports

Gerben Peeters, Tim Catoor, Muhammad Raheel Afzal, Marcus Kotze, Patrick Geenen, Senne Van Baelen, Maarten Vanierschot, Rene Boonen, Peter Slaets Design and build of a scale model unmanned inland cargo vessel: actuation and control architecture

Harrie Bastiaansen, Elena Lazovik, Eric den Breejen, Hans van den Broek A Business Process Framework and Operations Map for Maritime Autonomous and Unmanned Shipping: MAUSOM

J.J.Gehrt, R.Zweigel, S.Roy, C.Buskens, M.Kurowski, T.Jeinsch, A.Schubert, M.Gluch, O.Simanski, E.Pairet-Garcia, W.Bruhn, F. Diegel, D.Abel Optimal Maneuvring and Control of Cooperative Vessels within Harbors

Vincent Schneider, Cosmin Delea, Johannes Oeffne ,Hans-Christoph Burmeister, Carlos Jahn Small MASS assisting manned merchant vessels: The anti-grounding case

E F Brekke, E F Wilthil, B-O H Eriksen, D K M Kufoalor, K Helgesen, I B Hagen, M Breivik and T A Johansen The Autosea project: Developing closed-loop target tracking and collision avoidance systems

Stephanie Kemna, Henrik Lenes, Arild Hepsø Cooperative optimal coverage for seabed surveys with USVs

Yongqing Zhu, Renuga Kanagavelu, Ricardo Shirota Filho, Theint Theint Aye, Rick Siow Mong Goh Operational data within the S-100 framework: challenges for the common maritime data structure

Kevin Heffner, Ørnulf Rødseth Enabling Technologies for Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships

Marialena Vagia, Ørnulf Rødseth A taxonomy for autonomous vehicles for different modes

Olve Mo, Giuseppe Guidi Optimized use of Energy Charged from Shore in Plug-in Hybrid Marine Vessels

Christoph Thieme, Chuanqi Guo, Ingrid B.Utne, Stein Haugen Preliminary hazard analysis of a small harbor passenger ferry

Kie Hian Chua, Dimitrios Konovessis, Imran Halimi Ibrahim Risk-based appraisal of MASS performance-Considerations,challenges and possible approaches

Mikael Wahlström, Eetu Heikkila, Gøran Granholm Technology levels for maritime traffic coordination: towards the internet of intelligent ships

Tuisku Salonen, Mikael Wahlström, Hannu Karvonen User-centered design of remote-pilotage: Work styles to be considered

Wang Cheng-bo, Zhang Xin-yu, Zhang Jia-wei, Ding Zhi-guo, An Lan-Xuan Navigation behavioural decision-making of MASS based on deep reinforcement learning and artificial potential field

Behfar Ataei, Salman Nazir, Steven C. Mallam, Marius S.Tannum Development of video processing algorithm (YOLO) in autonomous vessels operations

Hans Tobias Slette, B.E. Asbjørnslett, Kjetil Fagerholt Cost-emission relations for maritime Logistics Support in Aquaculture

Maralena Vagia, Esten Ingar Grønli, Magnus Bjerkeng, Fredrik Bakkevig Haugli and Gorm Johansen AJA method and AJA Canvas as a Design Tool for marine Autonomous Operations with a test case scenario: the detection, inspection and tracking of a waste-water plume.

M. Lutzhoft, A.Hynnekleiv, J.V. Earthy, E.S.Petersen Human-centred maritime autonomy – An ethnography of the future

Victoria Gribkovskaia, Elizabeth Lindsatd, Håvard Nordahl ,Henning Borgen Introduction and assessment of basic design concepts for autonomous ships in maritime transport systems for short sea shipping

Shinya Nakamura, Naoki Okada, Satoru Kuwahara, Koji Kutsuna, Takuya Nakashima, Hideyuki Ando Study on Automatic Collision Avoidance System and Method for Evaluating Collision Avoidance Manoeuvring Results

Kay Fjørtoft, Tony Haugen Integrated Maritime Autonomous Transport Systems (IMAT)

Konstantinos Louzis,Nikolaos P.Ventikos Learning from experience in the context of autonomous ships: An opportunity for a step change in generating safety knowledge

Jonathan D. Stets, Mogens Blanke, Rasmus H. Andersen, Søren Hansen, Frederik E.T. Schøller and Martin K. Plenge-Feidenhans Comparing Spectral Bands for Object Detection at Sea using Convolutional Neural Networks

Svein Peder Berge, Marianne Hagaseth, Torstein Bø A Public API Supporting Autonomous Navigation

Qin Liang, Hans Anton Tvete, Hendrik W. Brinks Prediction of vessel propulsion power using machine learning on AIS data, ship performance measurements and weather data

Deqing Zhai,Xiuju Fu,HAiyan Xu,Xiao Feng Yin,Vasundhara Jayaraman,Rick Goh Digitalisation and predictive modelling of berth stay time windows for tanker operation enhancement

Xiuju Fu,Haiyan Xu,Vasundhara Jayaraman,Nasri Bin Oyhma,Liye Zhang,Zhe Xiao,Rick Goh An Efficient Computational Framework for Big Maritime Traffic Data Preprocessing


Banseok Kum, Kwangil Lee The Challenges and Issues for a Standard Data platform for Autonomous Ship

Kay Fjørtoft, Dag Atle Nesheim Using the BIMCO Shipping KPI Database to Identify costs and benefits of e-navigation solutions

Thomas Porathe, Ørnulf Jan Rødseth Simplifying interactions between autonomous and conventional ships with e-navigation

Paal Aamaas AUTOSTRIP – Autonomous Systems in Transport and Industrial Processes.

Shean-Kwang CHOU Development and Field Tests of the MASS in Taiwan

Øystein Engelhardtsen COLREG compliance for autonomous navigation

H. Namgung, Jung Sik Jeong, Jo-cheon Choi, Geun-ung, Kim and Sun-Young Kim An Experimental Result on Information Exchange using USV Communication Relay System