Laster Arrangementer

Seminar – Maritim kommunikasjon for autonome fartøy


15. feb 2017 – 15. feb 2017





Dette er et internt seminar for medlemmer av NFAS og andre arrangører. Det holdes på Marinteknisk senter på Tyholt i Trondheim.

This seminar was arranged as a cooperation between NFAS, the gemini centre of maritime communication at SINTEF and NTNU and IAP Norway. The main theme was maritime communication for autonomous ships and vehicles. In addition it gave an overview of new Norwegian research projects in the area of maritime communication and autonomous ships. The presentations we have been allowed to publish are included as links below and we will continue to add more as new permits and files arrive. Some presentations or parts of some presentations are in Norwegian.

Infrastructure for autonomous ship research in Trondheimsfjorden, Beate Kvamstad-Lervold, SINTEF Ocean

Line of sight communication: VHF Data Exchange and Maritime Broadband Radio, Tony Haugen, Kongsberg Seatex

Global communication services: Global Express and GMDSS, Stein Arild Orø, Inmarsat Norge

From idea to harmonized solution. Norwegian interests in CEPT and ITU, Morten Frestad, NKOM

Communication in the far North: Hege Lunde, Telenor Satellite AS

Norwegian low earth orbit sattelite systems for AIS and VDES, Frank Udnes, Romsenteret

Safety in maritime communication systems, Stig Petersen, SINTEF Digital

Cyber security and safe integration on board, Ørnulf Jan Rødseth, SINTEF Ocean

Communication and autonomous vehicles, Lars Landmark, FFI

Autonomous ship transport at Trondheimsfjorden, Erlend Vågsholm, Kongsberg Seatex

Sensors and instrumentation for autonomous vessels, Egil Eide, NTNU

Safe autonomous and remote operations of machinery and ships, Øystein Engelhardtsen, Steinar Låg, DNV GL

Maritime cloud, Thomas Christensen, Danish Maritime Authority