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INAS Workshop on development of autonomous ships


16. jan 2019 – 16. jan 2019





On January 16th in London.

This workshop was held the day before the UK Maritime Autonomous Systems Regulatory Conference 2019 in London.

The workshop was planned as a round table discussion around four themes with a short introduction on each. Tentative program is listed below.

Infrastructure in test areas: Are there commonalities we may learn from? (Ø.J.Rødseth). This was a round table discussion without presentations. Some points that were raised:

  • There may be a need for standards on operational principles or equipment in the areas. There are some avialable, e.g. MASRWG guidelines on trials, but it could be investigated if more is needed.
  • It may also be useful to look at how other ships can be warned about ongoing trials. For SOLAS ship one could use AIS signal or specific ASM messages like the e-navigation related route exchange mechanim.
  • Similarly, there may be a need for standards or suggestions as to how to warn leisure craft and fishing boats in the area that do not have AIS receivers. Some kind of mobile app could be used. Again, this could be developed as a common mechanism so that we do not have to repeat this at each area.
  • It would also be useful to make a few standard data set, e.g. with radar, ais and visuals, from each area for benchmark testing. This would give developers access to a wider range of different data at an early stage of system testing.

Warning other ships about autonomous ship activities Ø. J. Rødseth showed some slides from professor Thomas Porathe of NTNU on possible ways to warn other ships aboud autonomous ship activities. This could be used as basis for an app for leisure and fisheries perhaps.

State of art in autonomous ship developments? P. Haikkola gave a presentation of the state of art within the area of autonomous ship technology, based on work with the EU Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda.

ESA support to autonomous ship developments N. Angli of ESA (European Space Agency) gave a presentation of funding possibilities from ESA on new communication infratsructure for autonomous ships.

Status on ISO developments on a terminology standard Ø.J.Rødseth gave a brief overview of some possible content of the new ISO standard on MASS terminology that was approved in January 2019.