Our members

Swedish Maritime Authority

Contact person

Fredrik Karlsson

Flanders Smart Shipping

Belgium - Flanders Smart Shipping

Contact person

Ms. Ann-Sofie Pauwelyn

Semi autonomous shipping

Belgium - Government contact point for (semi)-autonomous shipping.

Contact person

Jean-Baptiste Merveille

Japan – OZT

Japan - OZT study group is established. The Japanese roadmap to realize autonomous ships is available on the link below.

Contact person

Shunichiro Namikawa

Singapore – MPA

Singapore - MPA coordinates activities around autonomous ships.

Contact person

Ms. Pauline Chua.

Fyns Maritime Klynge

Fyns Maritime Klynge in Denmark is a member of INAS.

Contact person

Mads Rasmussen

How to become a member

Membership is open to organisations only. For organisations under establishment, we will accept that a person can be the interim contact point. Contact the secretariat for more information.

Regardless of organisation you can also request to be added to our mailing list as an individual. This is open to anybody.


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