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Documents published by NFAS

PDF Memo on the benefits of establishing a common and standardized PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) for international merchant shipping. This has been developed by the CySiMS-project.
PDF Proposed terminology and definitions applicable to autonomous merchant shipping.
PDF CySiMS Deliverable D2.1: Digital signatures for nautical use - a general discussion of possibilities and posisble solutions. From the CySiMS-project.
PDF CySiMS Deliverable D2.2: Using digital signatures in the maritime domain - a more specific suggestion for a solutions to digital signatures in the maritime domain. From the CySiMS-project.

Relevant international documents

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UK Maritime Autonomous Systems Regulatory Working Group (UK): Voluntary Industry Code of Practice - Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships up to 24 metres in length.
UK Lloyd's register Cyber safe resources, including definitions of autonomy levels. This consists of a ShipRight procedure and a guidance document.
Denmark Danish Maritime Authority analyzes requirements to regulations of autonomous ships (in Danish only).
USA - SAE SAE J3016 Taxonomy and Definitions for Terms Related to Driving Automation Systems for On-Road Motor Vehicles. This is for cars, but has definitions and a structure that may be useful also for autonomous ships. It is free, although you have to "buy" it through the portal.
France - BV Bureau Veritas: Guidelines for Autonomous Shipping, December 2017, Guidance Note NI 641 DT R00 E.

Links to organisations and projects outside NFAS

INAS International Network for Autonomous Ships. This is a network established in November 2017 and currently operated by NFAS to connect all interested international parties that work in the area of autonomous ships.
UK Maritime Autonomous Systems Regulatory Working Group (UK). Development of new rules for autonomous ships.
Finland One Sea: Innovation Ecosystem for autonomous ships in the Baltic. A Finish initiative to develop an autonomous ship cluster nationally.
Belgium KU Leuven in Belgium has a research group on intelligent mobile platforms and is running two projects on autonomous inland waterway shipping.
Denmark Blue Denmark zooms in on autonomous ships. With a report from DTU on the future of Denmark in the area of autonomous ship and shipping.
CMI Unmanned Cargo Ship Development Alliance was established in Shanghai 28. June 2017. Leaders and industry experts from HNA Technology & Logistics Group, CCS, ABS, China Ship Development and Design Center, Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding (Group) Co., Ltd., 708 Research Institute of China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC), Rolls-Royce, 711 Research Institute of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC) and Wärtsilä China participated.
Japan Japan's shipbuilders and maritime shippers are teaming up to make self-navigating ships a reality by 2025, hoping to lead global development on a project that should dramatically reduce accidents at sea. Participants including shippers Mitsui O.S.K. Lines and Nippon Yusen.
CMI Comite Maritime International (CIM) works with maritime law and has a working group on "Maritime Law for Unmanned Craft".

Pictues and publication material

We have a group at flickr where you can find illustrations related to NFAS or Norwegian autonomous ship research. Have a look at the comment field for proper credit to the provider of teh material. There are also groups on linkedin (English) and facebook (Norwegian), where we will post general news.

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