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Links to organisations and projects outside NFAS


Maritime Autonomous Systems Regulatory Working Group (UK). Development of new rules for autonomous ships.


One Sea: Innovation Ecosystem for autonomous ships in the Baltic. A Finish initiative to develop an autonomous ship cluster nationally.


Blue Denmark zooms in on autonomous ships. With a report from DTU on the future of Denmark in the area of autonomous ship and shipping.

Relevant conferences

This list does not contain Norwegian-only conferences. Look at the Norwegian pages for those. The NFAS logo is used where we know that NFAS-related presentations are made.


Autonomous Ship Technology Symposium, Amsterdam 6-8 June 2017.

H2020 Waterborne Research Conference, Brussels, Thursday 8 June 2017.


Unmanned Cargo Ship Conference, 13 June 2017, Maaspoort, Venlo, The Netherlands

Autonomous Systems World June 14-15 2017, Berlin. Mostly land based systems.

IEEE Intelligent Vehicle Symposium. Redondo Beach, California on June 11-14, 2017.

OCEANS'17 MTS/IEEE Aberdeen OCEANS '17 is normally mostly ocean science oriented, but it has sessions also on unmanned crafts. Aberdeen 19-22 June 2017,

Transnav 2017 - Marine Navigation and Safety of Sea Transportation. 21 to 23 June 2017 in Gdynia, Poland.

TRA 2018 - A digital era for transport 16-19 April 2018. Sponsored by EU Commission.

Past conferences with NFAS presentations

UT2017 IEEE OES International Symposium on Underwater Technology 2017 Busan. This also include autonomous surface vessels. Feb.21-Feb.24,2017, Busan, South Korea.

MTEC 2017. International Maritime and Port Technology and Development Conference, 26 to 28 April in Singapore.

Ocean Week 2017: Unravelling the Unmanned. Trondheim, 3-5 May in Trondheim.

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