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Working groups

⇒ The working groups' function

⇒ Working groups under establishment

⇒ Other working groups

The working groups' function

We expect that most of the interest group's outreach work will take place in a number of internal working groups. We are currently in the process of establishing these groups.

All working groups have a mandate (scope of work) which shall be distributed to all members of NFAS for approval. This mandate will determine the theme and which authorizations the working group gets. This may for example specify what kind of publications the working group may make on behalf of NFAS and whether the content must be approved by NFAS mebership before dispatch.

Working groups under establishment

The following groups are nder establsihment. Refer to the Norwegian pages for details on contacts and preliminary scope. A workshop is planned for Monday March 13th 2017 where the interested members will be invited to start the work and finalize teh scope document.

Other working groups

A number of working groups have already been proposed. Invitations to participate will be sent out from the Secretariat shortly. Other working groups may be proposed by members.

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